Who says that testing the Angular router is an icky job? 🙃

Let me be crystal clear.

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Who else wants to avoid and get rid of those unused Typescript imports that you keep forgetting about? 🤔

How do we make sure that all unneeded and unused imports are cleaned up?

How to error if there are unused imports

Who else wants to learn how to properly test an Angular application — in half the time?

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Why does testing Angular applications have to be so complicated?

So you can shake the bugs outta your Angular code.

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A common dependency inside an Angular service file is the HttpClient? 😸

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Every. Single. Time.

What can you do to make sure you never deploy a slow Angular application?

Let’s start with a story

In less than 30 seconds.

Here’s how to configure code coverage to discover which chunks of your Angular application are being tested.

1. Change the angular.json

2. Set up the code coverage report in Visual Studio Code.

Frustrated with your slow Angular app? Here’s how to double or even triple the speed of your Angular application.

We’ve got so much to cover and you’re in for a real ride!


Using the Mocha reporter to make your Angular tests prettier and more readable. 😄

Here’s the complete guide to setting up a login form and authentication with Angular.

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