Frustrated with your slow Angular app? Here’s how to double or even triple the speed of your Angular application.

We’ve got so much to cover and you’re in for a real ride!


Using the Mocha reporter to make your Angular tests prettier and more readable. 😄

Here’s the complete guide to setting up a login form and authentication with Angular.

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Here’s a quick shortcut that could drastically accelerate the performance of your Angular application. 💥

Here are 4 ways you can reduce the bundle size. And make it load faster.

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Here’s how to fix Angular performance issues and optimize your Angular load time.

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Here’s the step-by-step guide to install the Angular CLI and build your first Angular application

What is the Angular CLI?

Looking to make your Angular pipes perform like a dashing cheetah? Then here’s how to create a fast, highly-performant Angular pipe. ✨✨✨

Before we dive to deep let’s clarify a few things.

Here’s how to take advantage of Angular’s trackBy function. And make your Angular application perform like a boss.

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