What type of Angular tests will give you the highest ROI?

The 3 minute guide to deciding what part of your Angular project you should be testing.

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Components are… well… components.


Here’s where you’ll take an aim and make a great shot!

Assuming that your Angular app has followed general best practices…

…and uses services to handle business logic, data access, HTTP calls, and all the other spicy background stuff…

…then this is where anyone writing tests ought-a be licking their lips.

Make sure your Angular services are tested well. By focusing on this you’ll have a greater guarantee of better ROI.

Not sure how to get started? The Angular website has a great guide to get you started.


Definitely put those custom pipes to the fire. Once again, these play an important role in business logic. Making sure they’re working properly is a great way to get a better ROI when writing tests.


So what should you test?

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